Australia Fires Elon Musk Agenda 2030 Real Speaks Current Events Show

In this show we will be talking about the recent Australian Wild Fires and explain the connections with Climate Crisis Propaganda, some history about an energy battle going on in Australia as it relates to the Green New Deal, the Pyromania surrounding Elon Musk his Hyperloop path in Australia and the connections between Extinction Rebellion … Read more

Rothschild PG&E California Fires and 5G Smart Grid Connections

On this weeks 5G Watch show we review an interview put out by SGT Report with Deborah Tavares. In her interview she talked about the fires in California caused by the Rothschile PG&E company. We hit on a few points regarding Energy Weapons Technology, Free Energy Technology, Microgrids, and the mass exodus in California all … Read more

Extinction Rebellion and its Links to 5G Rollout

Extinction Rebellion protests are Ruses funded by the telecommunications industry designed to force the rollout of dangerous 5G and smart cities. These protests, done by Extinction Rebellion are well funded by the very corporations that are poised to make a killing in profit in the global rollout of 5G. Watch this show on Youtube. In … Read more

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