We Have No Reason to Believe That 5G is Safe. The Scientific Research.

In this weeks 5G watch we look into the mountains of scientific evidence that clearly show that 5G is not safe. Watch the show on Youtube Here Listen or download the show on soundcloud here    Get the best EMF Meter on the market here: https://www.gqelectronicsllc.com/comersus/store/comersus_viewItem.asp?idProduct=5678&idAffiliate=1129 Learn about EMF Protection http://ftwproject.com/special-offers Get our Book Forbidden … Read more

ICE Dark Web Bust, Drag Queen Storytime, Fire and Brimstone Review, Pedo’s on Twitter, Prince Andrew and Epstein

This week we focus our current events show on the topic of sexual perversions that are taking place in our society right now. The UK police are now allowing convicted racists to change their gender in order to get charged differently.  We also do a review on the amazing story of David Arthur who’s testimony … Read more

Extinction Rebellion and its Links to 5G Rollout

Extinction Rebellion protests are Ruses funded by the telecommunications industry designed to force the rollout of dangerous 5G and smart cities. These protests, done by Extinction Rebellion are well funded by the very corporations that are poised to make a killing in profit in the global rollout of 5G. Watch this show on Youtube. In … Read more

Chinese Trade Wars, Communism Vs. Christianity, PG&E Fires, Grand Solar Minimum, Extinction Rebellion

This weeks show is jam packed with info! We cover the Chinese Communism Trade Wars,US Business CowTowing to Communist China, Explanation of the Friction between Communism / liberalism / socialism vs. Christianity, PG&E California Fires, The Real Climate Change that’s  being censored: The Grand Solar Minimum, The Fake Climate Crisis Propaganda paid Zealots and the … Read more

Cell Phone Tower Gives Kids Cancer. 5G Watch Show

A cell tower near an elementary school gives children and staff cancer. After two years of protesting by the parents, the cell tower was finally taken down. Watch the show now on Youtube Listen to the podcast and Download the MP3 on Soundcloud Check out our EMF Protection Products http://ftwproject.com/special-offers Get our Book Forbidden Tech … Read more

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