5G Energy Weapon Technology Explained

In this episode, hosts Tivon and Hope explain 5G technology, how it works and how it is related to directed energy weapons.  Links are made between microwave technology and the current assault on the population that is resulting in sickness, death, and fires just to name a few of the dangers.   Covered in this Episode: … Read more

Rothschild PG&E California Fires and 5G Smart Grid Connections

On this weeks 5G Watch show we review an interview put out by SGT Report with Deborah Tavares. In her interview she talked about the fires in California caused by the Rothschile PG&E company. We hit on a few points regarding Energy Weapons Technology, Free Energy Technology, Microgrids, and the mass exodus in California all … Read more

Hypocritical Christians Reactions to Kanye West Jesus is King

This week we focus on the reaction Christians around Kanye Wests new album and tour Jesus is King. We touch on topics that make lukewarm so called Christians very uncomfortable. Watch the show on Youtube Here   Listen to the podcast on soundcloud here   Learn about EMF Protection http://ftwproject.com/special-offers Get our Book Forbidden Tech … Read more

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