Leaving the New Age and Returning to Christ Full Testimony

This is my story. I was a born again Christian as a teenager, and then I joined a fundamentalist Christian cult and was hurt by the church. I abandoned God and practiced witchcraft for 13 years living in Salem Massachusetts. I then had a crisis that made me dive deep into the new age movement. I was attacked by demons while I experimented with new age mysticism. God saved me through his holy spirit and Jesus helped me cast out the devils that were ruining my life.

I felt moved in my heart to share my testimony in this video. (I’ve put time stamps in the video description on Youtube to help move through the different topics I cover)  In the first part I tell you about my childhood and my mixed spiritual influences. Then I describe how I was hurt by a Christian cult and left God and the church then turned to practicing “Wicca” witchcraft. I go through “The gamut” of new age doctrines and experiences that I followed from 2012 on. This new age gamut is so convoluted that I had to write them all down to stay on track but I think I covered most of the false teachings that have been so prevalent in our modern culture today. Then I share stories of how I was attacked by demons on several different occasions. Then I share my experiences with Jesus Christ and how I feel that God has saved me and healed me from the pain of the evil and false teachings in our world. I talk about the amazing feeling of God’s love, the holy spirit and the countless wonders and miracles that god has been revealing in these times. The truth of it all is more spectacular than any new age doctrine out there. Then I talk about some of the arguments around the bible, Christianity, Jesus, the Crusades, the Vatican etc.

I want to thank everyone for listening to my testimony. It was very important to me to be able to put it out there and share it. Honestly, it was not the easiest thing to do as this sort of thing is something that is usually very personal. However I hope that perhaps someone out there might be going through some of the same things i’ve been through and perhaps my testimony can help them in some way.

A special thank you to the many other  souls who have come out of the new age movement who were brave enough to share their stories. I’ve watched so many of them and they have helped me to create my own.  Here is a list of links to others testimonies and helpful videos and websites that I have found to be helpful in my own journey.

Steven Barncarz Prominent New Age Author for Spirit Science who turned to Jesus
His testimony that made me weep like a baby
His incredible new apologetic website

Trey Smith of God in a Nutshell. Controversial Documentaries About the Flood, Entities, Angels and Demons 

Vigilant Christian Exposing Videos on the New Age Movement and the New World Order

Chris Whites Work Exposing the New Age Movement and the New World Order

Philia Ministries with James & Lea DiNonno  former new agers with an incredible youtube channel

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